I was having severe pain from my lower wisdom tooth that had grown in impacted. I went to an oral surgeon who wanted to charge me close to $3.000 because of anesthesia costs along with some others. I left that surgeons office and called Dr. Dhakar. He went above and beyond with my care after my very unfortunate visit at another office and had very accommodating staff. Dr. Dhakar was able to use local anesthesia to numb the spot and cut the tooth out.

Some of the things that I really liked about Dr. Dhakar is the fact that he explained the risks from the very get go. He let me know what I was getting into in detail and had a confident way of speaking about the procedure so that I wouldn’t be scared away. His staff was very compassionate and made me feel right at home too.

Onto the actual procedure. I didn’t have an appointment and was considered a “walk in” as I called 20 mins before basically showing up. After the consultation, he was able to begin the procedure with a 30 min wait (which was great because I was able to grab lunch up the road). When I got back to the office, he started promptly and made sure I was 100% numb before he started. It only took him about 30 mins to complete the extraction and stitch me up (which he did amazing closing up). I was given plenty of gauze pads to bring home with me and a paper with instructions for home care. (and a mug and pen too!)

If you are looking for someone who has a lot of experience and staff with compassion for their patients, and you like having extremely affordable dental costs instead of going into debt, Dr. Dhakar is the dentist for you! I will be returning to him for everything from now on!